We, the Bearers – “Private James McFarlane’s Diaries and Letters, 1914 – 1916” – are the personal diaries and letter’s of Private James McFarlane, who served in World War 1. His diaries and letters from the war are being made public 102 years later.

Every Monday, starting from August 1st 2016, all the diary entries that Private James McFarlane wrote will be made public and on every date that Private James McFarlane wrote a letter, they too will be made public. You can find these in the Blog Section.

“You take my tip and don’t you join; stay where you are if this is modern warfare. Roll on! To be out here and see the sights we have, you would think there was no such thing as civilization in the world. Every man out here is a savage for the time being and it is turning some men’s brains.”