Diaries; 4th – 7th August 1914.

Tuesday 4th August 1914: Greenock

7pm Notice posted at the Town House calling up Reservists*. “War Declared”

*Reservists are men who had previously served in the Regular Army and who undertook to re-join in an emergency. They had to spend some time on training each year and were paid a weekly allowance.

Wednesday 5th August 1914: Greenock/ Leith

Left here for Edinburgh, reported at the Castle and sent to Leith. Billeted in a school for the night.

Thursday 6th August 1914: Leith

We are billeted here for a few days till we are fitted with our uniforms.

Friday 7th August 1914: Leith

We were issued out with our Field Service Kit and Equipment today. I have met a great many of my old comrades and more are turning up every hour. R. Farrell my old chum in the Black Watch* being one of the first I met.

*The Black Watch – The Royal Highlanders



2 thoughts on “Diaries; 4th – 7th August 1914.

  1. Christine Oliver

    Congratulations and so well done Jesssica, , you have put a huge effort into this, I shall look forward to reading al the letters over the next few weeks.. Auntie Christine xx

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