Diaries; 1st – 4th September 1914.

Tuesday 1st September: Missy-aux-Bois/ Bourinvill

We were up at 3am and marched off by 4am. Marched all day, though on short rations. It is terrible warm and the guns are getting nearer today. We hear them very plain. We will very soon be in Paris if we keep on like this.

We halted at a place called Bourinvill. After having some tea we were just going to lay down when we were told to get ready to move off again. We did not move off then but stood by from 9pm.

Wednesday 2nd September:  Bourinvill/ Meaux

We marched off at 1am and marched on through the night in the dark. The enemy is not far behind us. We marched on till day broke and then the sun started to beat down on us. The troops are about all done up with the long marches, want of sleep and short rations.

After about 12 hours without a halt, the last 6 under a scorching sun, we reached the town of Meaux about mid-day. We are now only 271/2 miles off Paris. All the people are leaving here or getting ready to leave and all the bridges are mined ready to blow up.

There is a great amount of fruit of all kinds about this quarter; we have had a good rest today- the first for a week.

Thursday 3rd September:  Meaux/ Jouarre

We took our wounded to the railway station at 4am where we loaded them all into trains there being a General and a Colonel amongst the wounded. We then marched off East by Southeast. We marched on all day under a scorching sun till we reached a village called Jouarre. We billeted here for the night.

 We have seen nothing of our Tent Section for a few days now and are living on Bully and Biscuits with tea, once a day. Not much for the marches we are doing.

Friday 4th September:  Jouarre/ Marrou

We marched off from here at 5am, marched east for about a mile then south-east for about another 7 miles. I have no idea where we are going but I am taking my bearings by the sun. We came up with our Tent Section again about mid-day at a place called Marrou. We then had something to eat and a dip in a stream. We were just thinking we were to be here for the night when we marched off at 6pm. We marched on in a south-easterly direction till 10pm when we halted in a field on the roadside and lay down for the night. No village near at hand.

Although the days are very warm, the nights are getting cold. We have only our coats to cover us at night, the same coat that is a burden for us to carry through the day.


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