Diaries; 15th & 16th October, 1914.

Thursday 15th October: Monte-ne- Dame

Marching all night in a southerly direction, marching further and further from the firing line.We have just heard that the whole Division has been relieved by French troops. 

We have just passed some of the French going in the direction we came from. We passed through the village of Mont-ne- Dame once again at 6pm and marched on all night till 5am in the morning.

Friday 16th October: Neuilly-Saint- Front/ Amiens

After marching the whole night we halted at 5am outside a village where we were going to en-train. After 2 hours wait outside the village we marched to the station and en-trained which took us 2 hours then we had some breakfast and the train moved off at 10am. This place is called Neuilly-Saint- Front.

After a few hours journey, the train halted in the suburbs of Paris at a station called Saint Steven. A great many train loads of French troops passed us, we also had a view of the fortifications of Paris. After some shunting, we were off again and at 9 pm the train halted at Amiens. We got out for a few minutes and had some refreshments then we were off again and then halted outside a village.

A Refugee train on the opposite side halted also. I went over and spoke to a few of the refugees. They told me they came from Belgium. One old woman asked me for a drink of water. I got one for her and a man in the carriage offered me a tobacco pouch with tobacco as a souvenir. I accepted it to please them, they were all glad to see us. The train moved off again, so I lay down to have a few minutes sleep.


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