Letter; 22nd October, 1914.

Letter continued from 14th October

I hoped to have been able to send the first part of this letter off on the night I wrote it with one of the wounded but that night we got orders to get ready to move off. We did so at 10pm after the French reserves had relieved us.

We marched on all night going south and after we had marched about 20 miles we had a rest for 6 hours. Then we were off again and marched on all next night doing another 30 miles till we came to a place called Nimilly? where we got the train.

The train then took us down and round through Paris. We then went north by the coast past Amiens, Boulogne, and Calais then inland again till we came to a place called St. Omer where we detrained and marched on into Belgium. This is the second time we have been in Belgium.

I will not forget the first time and yesterday we were up against it again for we were up against the enemy yesterday after marching two days since leaving the train. We are now marching in the direction of Brussels and I hope by the time you get this we won’t be too far off that place. The Germans tried to stop us yesterday and did so for a time but we are gradually driving them back.

I thought it was all up again yesterday but I am still alive. There was only one Regiment in front of us when we met the enemy and they lost a lot of men. We were out all night getting in the wounded.

Houses here are burning in all directions. We were passing remarks on a church Tower when the enemy’s guns started and a shell went right through it. They can fairly hit the Churches. They are banging away at us now but we are quite used to them and as we have got five minutes to spare before we go out for more wounded, I am taking the chance to write this letter and send it home with one of the wounded.

This is just like the battle of the Aisne all over again but the Germans have not got such a good position as the country is more flat but they are like bees they are so thick.

I am just after bringing in a wounded German who worked in the Loch Lomond Hotel in Glasgow. We were both nearly over as the shells were dropping everywhere but on us. It is hot work.

No time for more at the present, hope to write you later.


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