Diaries; 23rd October, 1914.

Friday 23rd October: Langemarche

We wakened up with shells bursting all around us and the artillery who were only 20 yards from us had 3 horses killed and one man wounded. The shells are coming over in showers.

At the farm behind us where the Glosters were billeted a shell went right through killing 3 and wounding 9.

Excitement was at its height when a few Uhlans broke through; the battery beside us made off at the gallop but came back later when the Uhlans disappeared.

The Germans put over 100 shells through the church spire in the village then it caught fire and burned to the ground. A good part of the village is also on fire but our Brigade still hold it. Our farm seems to have a charmed life as almost every building has been hit but it.

We went out again almost all night assisting No. 1 Field Ambulance and we did not get back till 3am. We had to carry the wounded over 3 miles each time and along a road that all the farms on it were on fire and the Germans sniping at us all the time. We had to bring the wounded from the trenches and the last man we brought back the Germans turned a machine gun on us. We had to get under cover in case the wounded man might be hit again.

We got back alright at the finish but it was touch and go.

Our troops had made some fine charges today driving the enemy back on both flanks as they had us in a horseshoe shape. When our troops got amongst them, they howled for mercy and if it had not been for our officers they would have got very little mercy. This is the German army that took Antwerp that we are fighting here.


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