Letter; 22nd November, 1914.

Sunday 22nd November: Outterstene

Dear Jim,

Just a few lines to let you know I am still in the land of the living and am keeping well. I received your letter alright also got two tins of tobacco from Port Glasgow which I think was from you. I also received a big tin of tobacco from Tom Alcorn and we are getting some tobacco issued out to us every week so you can see I am well off for tobacco and cigarettes at present. I thank you very much for sending it on to me.

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Diaries; 7th – 13th November, 1914.

Saturday 7th November: Ypres

We were out again last night but only had 34 wounded to bring in. The Germans are shelling us like the Devil today and the town behind us is on fire in two or three different places. The enemy have made another attempt to get through and we have over 300 wounded to bring in. The Germans are dropping a great many 17 inch and 13-inch shells around our hospital and in the town, a good many civilians have been killed and wounded.

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Diaries; 1st – 6th November, 1914.

Sunday 1st November: Ypres

Still the same, our troops holding onto their positions. We had to stop taking in wounded for a few hours today as we were packed to the door having over 700 in at the one time. We could not take any more in till the Ambulance Cars came in the afternoon and took 400 away then we started to take more in. We are all nearly off our legs but we had to go out and bring in more tonight getting back about 4am.

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