Diaries; 7th – 13th November, 1914.

Saturday 7th November: Ypres

We were out again last night but only had 34 wounded to bring in. The Germans are shelling us like the Devil today and the town behind us is on fire in two or three different places. The enemy have made another attempt to get through and we have over 300 wounded to bring in. The Germans are dropping a great many 17 inch and 13-inch shells around our hospital and in the town, a good many civilians have been killed and wounded.

Sunday 8th November: Ypres

We are still holding our position though the Germans have brought up their big size guns they had at Antwerp. The base of one of these shells dropped in our hospital. It weighed 95 pounds and the shell itself burst about 100 yards away. The noise they make coming through the air puts the wind-up everybody and if it hits a building down it goes. The Belgian boys of this school tried hard to put out the fires in the town but it was too much for them though they did good work.

Monday 9th November: Ypres

We are still sticking to our hospital though the other Ambulances have retired further back and the big shells are playing havoc. I had a narrow shave today; I was knocked over with the concussion of one of the big shells which smashed all the windows behind me. If I had not been knocked down I would have been hit with a piece of shell even though it burst over 40 yards away. I felt a bit sick at the time but was soon alright.

The boys of this school who have done splendid work putting out the fires in the town left here for Poperinghe a few miles further back. There is nothing but soldiers here now.

We were out looking for wounded last night again but are getting very few.

Tuesday 10th November: Ypres

The Germans are still dropping their big shells here trying to find the Armour Train which is behind our hospital. They knocked down a wing of our hospital with one of their big shells but nobody happened to be in that part of the building at the time. It was where the boys of the school stayed but they left yesterday. We were out again last night but did not get many wounded though we were sniped at as usual.

Wednesday 11th November: Ypres

We are still here though the Germans are trying their hardest to get us to leave. They made another attempt to get through and we had a great many of their wounded to bring in besides our own.

I had a job last night looking after 20 of the Prussian Guards wounded and shells kept bursting over the hospital all night but good luck not a man was hit.

Thursday 12th November: Ypres

Still here and still getting plenty of work. We were out again last night from 6pm till 4am this morning collecting the wounded from the trenches.

A shell burst today in a house near our hospital killing a man his wife and 5 children, these are some of the sights we see here every day.

We also buried a Lord Cartigan last night and the Clergyman that held the service. Well thereby hangs a tale I will always remember.

Friday 13th November: Ypres

Still in Ypres and the same thing is going on, shelling then attacking. I am beginning to think there won’t be an end to it but it can’t last as there is so many being put out of action on both sides.

We had a narrow escape this afternoon, one of the German’s big shells burst about 20 yards away from us we were out burying the dead. We had to throw ourselves flat beside the dead and we were nearly buried with the earth it threw up and over us but we all escaped except two Yeomanry who were wounded.


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