Diaries; 14th – 20th November, 1914.

Saturday 14th November: Ypres

The German big guns have not fired a shot at us today and we don’t want any after yesterday though their light guns have dropped a few around us. I think they are after the Armour Train which is behind us again.

Sunday 15th November: Ypres

We are getting things a bit quieter this last two days though we were out again all last night looking for wounded. We are getting bad weather just now, it is terrible cold and it was snowing today and has finished up with rain and is still raining.

Monday 16th November: Ypres/ Loker

Things are still quiet today, I was sent out on my own by the O.C . to show another Ambulance the collecting stations. They seemed to be a bit astonished at the way the bullets kept whistling past them. The Officer in charge seemed a bit windy and thought I was leading them into the German lines.

We are leaving here today, the whole of the 1 st Division is going back to be reorganized as we have had a terrible time of it. Some of the regiments cannot muster more than 100 men.

The Glosters only mustering 85 all told.

We marched off at 8pm back through the town of Ypres. What a difference from when we passed through it about 3 short weeks ago. It is now a city of the dead, only a few civilians and soldiers wandering about in the dark. We marched on along the firing line, keeping south after 12 miles we reached a farm where we billeted at 2am in the morning. This place is called Locre. 

Tuesday 17th November: Loker/ Bailleul

We slept in a barn for the night but we leave here today. This place (Locre) is just in Belgium. We left here at 2pm and marched on South-East into France. We passed through the town of Bailleul where we came across a great many Terriers and some Canadians.

We are going back for a rest so marched on till we came to the village of Outtersteene where we billeted in a school here for the night.

Wednesday 18th November: Outterstene

We are going to have a good rest here and the whole 1 st Division is going to be made up to full strength.

The whole of the 3rd Brigade are billeted here in this village.

Thursday 19th November: Outterstene

We are still here enjoying our rest, nothing doing; think we are to be here for some time. We are a good bit back from the firing line and it feels queer being away from the shells.

Friday 20th November: Outterstene

Still enjoying our rest though it is terrible cold, more Terriers have passed through here for the firing line.


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