Letter; 22nd November, 1914.

Sunday 22nd November: Outterstene

Dear Jim,

Just a few lines to let you know I am still in the land of the living and am keeping well. I received your letter alright also got two tins of tobacco from Port Glasgow which I think was from you. I also received a big tin of tobacco from Tom Alcorn and we are getting some tobacco issued out to us every week so you can see I am well off for tobacco and cigarettes at present. I thank you very much for sending it on to me.

I also have to thank you for seeing my wife and letting her know about the Society giving something. She was telling me about you in her last letter. She was also telling me that the Relief Committee told her they could not pay her rent as they thought 1 pound a week was enough for her but she is not able to pay her rent and she is two months back but I told her not to mind that as they would not put her out of her house.

We are getting rest after three months hard work. We are back from the firing line in a quiet village and can just hear the guns in the distance. We are going to get a few days rest and the regiments are being made up to full strength but I expect it won’t be long before we are back into the thick of it again.

I am sorry I can’t tell you any more about it just now but you will be able to tell by the papers how the British Army is getting on. We might be home for the New Year yet. You were saying that anything I wanted I had just to tell you. That is very good of you Jim and I won’t forget it but don’t laugh Jim, the thing we need most here is Keating’s Powder, that is a fact, but Jim, you might send out the Penny Pictorial to me as I have not read one for a long time and I won’t forget you. Will let you know more in my next letter. Hope this finds you well and tell all the Boys I was asking for them. Tell Tom Alcorn I will write in a day or two.

Your old Captain,

Jim McFarlane


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