Diaries; 28th – 31st December, 1914.

Monday 28th December: Gorre

Still raining the roads are awful. We went out and brought in a few wounded. We go out in the daytime now. It is much safer than at night as the snipers are always about at night. We got back in the afternoon to our hospital but had just got inside when the Germans dropped two shells right through our hospital killing one and wounding another of our Drivers of our Horse Ambulance. They also wounded an Officer who was resting in our hospital.

Tuesday 29th December: Gorre

We have not had any more shells over today. We buried the chap that was killed yesterday.

We were out collecting wounded in the afternoon and had a few shells burst around us but no one was hit.

Wednesday 30th December: Gorre

It turned hard frost last night again so expected a busy day today but we were very lucky having only 3 stretcher cases to bring back.

Thursday 31st December: Gorre

This is the last day of the Year, it is terrible cold. We are billeted in a school next to the Chateau in Gorre. There are no windows in it and we are lucky to have a blanket, it is terrible cold at nights.

We were out again today and brought in a few wounded. A great lot of sniping is going on today. I had a parcel from the Boys at home which we enjoyed.


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