Diaries; 1st – 4th January, 1915.

Friday 1st January: Gorre

This is the start of another year, today being the 1st of January and what a New Year. We were out again today to bring in the wounded but there were only a few and we soon had them away down to Bethune in the cars.

By mail today I received a parcel from the Boys of the Kingston which cheered us up a good bit.

Saturday 2nd January: Gorre

This has been another easy day for us, only a few wounded but it is rotten weather and bad roads and a casual sniper we have to put up with, very few shells are coming over this two days back.

Sunday 3rd January: Gorre

Just the same round as yesterday having only two wounded from the whole of our Brigade.

Monday 4th January: Gorre

It is still raining and the roads to and from the trenches are knee deep. Some French civilians were up trying to repair them when a shell dropped amongst them killing three and wounding two. Otherwise, we had very little to do today.


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