Diaries; 6th – 10th January, 1915.

Wednesday 6th January: Festubert

Still the same old round from our advanced hospital at Chateau Gorre up to the trenches at Festubert. Bring any wounded or sick there is back to our hospital then send them on down to Bethune to our other hospital. Then we are finished for the day unless a serious case turns up then we have to go up and bring it down.

Thursday 7th January: Gorre

There is word of us being relieved and after clearing the wounded for the day B section Bearers went down to Bethune. The remainder of us A and C sections staying behind to hand over to the next Ambulance.

Friday 8th January: Gorre/Bethune

The remaining regiments of the 3rd Brigade were relieved last night. We expect to get relieved sometime today. The German guns have been very quiet these last few days but they let us have it this afternoon dropping a coalbox right in the hospital, killing 27 Native Drivers of the Indian Mountain Battery and wounding 14.

I was also slightly wounded myself by falling glass, having my hand and head cut but otherwise escaped alright.

After assisting the Indian Ambulance with the wounded “they had relieved us “. We moved off, marched to Bethune arriving there at 5.30pm. We are billeted in a school here with the rest of the Ambulance and are here for a rest.

Saturday 9th January: Bethune

This town is in full swing, one would not think a war was only a few miles away if it was not for the noise of the guns in the distance and the amount of troops knocking about. I don’t think we are more than 5 miles from the front line of the trenches yet the French people hold market days here and all classes of shops are open. It is like coming from hell to civilization coming from Festubert to Bethune.

Sunday 10th January: Bethune

We are still in Bethune resting but holding ourselves in readiness in case we are wanted. I don’t expect we will be long here.


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