Letter; 10th January, 1915.

Letter 10th January: Bethune

Dear Tom,

I have not had a chance to post your letter yet, so will add this little bit. Our Brigade was relieved on the 8th. We are back in the town of Bethune but have orders to be ready to move off at a moment’s notice.

I was telling you in the first part of this letter that the Germans were sending over very few shells but the day we were relieved they dropped over another 3 coalboxes. One dropped in our hospital killing 27 Indian (native) drivers and wounding 14. I was only 15 yards from it when it burst. I was slightly wounded but managed to assist the other wounded. I was not hit by the shell. It was the explosion that knocked out the windows above my head and the glass fell on top of me. I was cut on the head and hand but it is only slight. I am still with the Ambulance and expect to be all right in a day or two. My cap saved me or I might have been at the base now. I hope I never receive any worse.

I don’t want you to let the wife know or she might get frightened. I always keep anything like that from her.

We are having a bit of a rest but expect to be back in the Firing Line in a day or two. I hope it is not the same place as we always like a change even though it is worse than the last place.

It might be a bit late before you receive this letter as it will have to wait my chance to send it home.

Excuse this writing as it is a bad light.

J. McF.


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