Diaries; 11th – 15th January, 1915.

Monday 11th January: Bethune

Still here nothing doing.

Tuesday 12th January: Bethune

Still here in Bethune. A French Airman was killed landing here this afternoon. The French have their flying ground just outside the town.

Wednesday 13th January: Bethune

We have received orders today to hold ourselves ready to move off at a minutes notice.

Thursday 14th January: Bethune

Still standing by but don’t expect to leave here before tomorrow.

Friday 15th January: Beuvry

We left Bethune at 11 am and after an hour’s marching reached a place called Beuvry. This place is about 31/2 miles from the front line of trenches. It is very quiet here for though the Germans could shell it they have not done so as yet.

We have to go up to the trenches from here and bring in the wounded to the school here which we have made into a hospital.

We have also an advance dressing station in a Chateau at Cambrin where we take the wounded to when we bring them from the trenches at Cuinchy and Chivency.

We went up at night to bring in the wounded and it is very lively up there, plenty of sniping going on.


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