Diaries; 16th – 22nd January, 1915.

Saturday 16th Beuvry

Things are very quiet here at Beuvry it is only at night when we go up to Cuinchy to bring back the wounded that we get any excitement.

Sunday 17th January: Beuvry

Things are still quiet here but we are getting very cold weather and more sick than wounded.

It is terrible cold at night.

Monday 18th January: Beuvry

Snow falling very heavily today and is lying about a foot deep. It is bad enough for us but God help the poor Devils in the trenches. We were out again at night and had only 4 wounded but a great many sick with frozen feet.

Tuesday 19th January: Beuvry

Snow still covers the ground though it has stopped falling. It is very cold though and we are still going up for the wounded at nights.

Wednesday 20th January: Beuvry/Cambrin/Le Bassée

The snow is disappearing but the roads are worse now. I have been put on a new job as wagon orderly on one of the new Austin Motor Ambulance Cars. 7 of which are attached to our Ambulance. One of these cars is on duty for 24 hours at a time at the advance dressing station at Cambrin ready to bring down any serious case that turns up to our hospital at Beuvry.

The car I am on is on duty there today. The place is only 2 1/2 miles from Le Bassée which is in German hands. All the houses in Cambrin have been hit with shells, some of them having almost utterly disappeared under the shell fire.

Thursday 21st January: Beuvry

The snow is all away now but frost has set in and it is even worse than the snow. We had to turn out at 2 am in the morning and bring in a serious case. It was a clear cold frosty night.

Friday 22nd January: Beuvry

Still the same old round but the roads are drying under the frost. The 1st Brigade have been relieved by the 2nd and the 1st Brigade are now resting in Beuvry. The Black Watch being billeted just beside us I had a chat with a few of my old chums.


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