Letter; 23rd January, 1915.

Letter (censored) 23rd January: Beuvry

Dear Tom,

I am very sorry you have not received my letter I sent you thanking you for your parcel. I expect it has only been delayed and it might reach you before this one.

I received the parcel alright and have to thank you and Jim Roberts for your kindness. I won’t forget you.

I am sorry but the flask was broken and I had to send it home to Mrs McFarlane to be repaired. Everything else was alright.

Glad to hear Bob Wyse received my letter. I hope Jim Pye also received his.

I am glad the class is still going on well. Hope you will have good sport in the Competition.

Tell Joe to put me down as a reserve. We have had a game or two out here when we are having a rest but we are up collecting wounded again.

My old friends the Black Watch are beside me. Things are very quiet but now and then they liven up.

Glad that Martin Williams and Kirkpatrick are alright again. Hope to see some of the boys out here soon. I am alright again and keeping in good health. Sorry to say I have not received the parcel the girls Ferguson sent me but as I told you in my last letter some take a few days to come and some a few weeks. I have never come across any Argyles yet but will let you know when I do so.

We have been getting snow and frost out here this last week or so. It has been frost this last two days but it is better than rain. Hope to write a long letter to you soon. Hope you will receive my other letter alright.

From Your Old Friend



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