Diaries; 27th & 28th February, 1915.

Saturday 27th February: Boulogne/ Aire (sur-La- Lys)/ Essars

We left Boulogne at 10 am in a snowstorm arriving back at Essars at 4 pm after a halt at Aire for dinner.

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Diaries; 20th – 26th February, 1915.

Saturday 20th to Monday 22nd February: Lillers

Just the same round as the 19th

Tuesday 23rd February: Buray

Took the working party to the baths at Buray and brought them back at night.

Wednesday 24th February: Labeuvriere

Nothing doing today. Expected to leave here tomorrow for Bethune.

Thursday 25th February: Essars/ Labeuvriere

After collecting sick from the Brigade took them to Lillers returned to Labeuvriere. Left here at 2 pm for Essars, and arrived at 3 pm.

From here we have an Advanced Dressing Station at Festubert and a car on duty at Richebourg-l’Avoue. We billeted in Essars for the night.

Friday 26th February: Richebourg/ Festubert/Bethune/ Essars/ Boulogne

After collecting sick and wounded from Richebourg and Festubert we took them to our hospital at Bethune. Arrived back at Essars at 12 mid-day. Our car told off to take the G.C. of the 4th Royal Welsh Fusiliers to Boulogne. We left Essars at 6 pm arrived Boulogne at 10 pm.

We stayed in Boulogne all night.

Letter; 18th February, 1915.

Censored Letter 18th February: Labeuvriere

Dear Tom,

Received your welcome letter of the 9th alright and hope to hear in your next letter that Jim Pye has won the Campbell Cup and I hope there is only one team in front of yours in the Cowan and other cups and that one Jim Pye’s but Tom I am glad to hear that the class and all the boys are doing so well. I wish both teams every success and hope to hear that one or the other has lifted all the cups before I write you from Berlin.

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Diaries; 14th – 18th February, 1915.

Sunday 14th and Monday 15th February: Labeuvriere

Nothing doing.

Tuesday 16th February: Bethune

Two men of the 2nd Welsh were taken to Bethune and shot. That was their sentence for shooting their Company Sergeant Major. Taken away in one of our cars.

Wednesday 17th February: Buray

Went to Buray in a car and had a bath and change. We are now working the baths at Buray for the Division and have a working party there every day.

Thursday 18th February: Labeuvriere

Nothing doing-weather improving.