Diaries; 1st – 5th February, 1915.

Monday 1st February: Cuinchy

The Germans made another faint attempt to breakthrough but it died away to nothing. We had a few wounded to bring in after their heavy shell fire but things quietened down.

Tuesday 2nd February: Beuvry

Things are still quiet. The regiments of the 2nd Division have been relieving the regiments of the 1st.

Wednesday 3rd February: Beuvry / Labeuvriere

We were relieved today by No. 4 Ambulance. We marched off from Beuvry at 12 mid-day and after marching about 10 miles reached a village where we were billeted called Labeuvriere. It is very quiet here we are well out of the way of the guns and are going to rest here for a while.

Thursday 4th February: Labeuvriere/ Lillers

Our Brigade are all resting in the villages round about here. In fact, the whole 1st Division is back here resting. We went out with 4 cars around our brigade and collected the sick taking them on to No. 2 Field Ambulance at Lillers where they formed a hospital. Lillers is a small town about 5 miles from here.

Friday 5th February: Labeuvriere

Just the same as yesterday and we will have to do this every day while resting. There is not much rest for a Field Ambulance even while it is resting.


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