Letter; 13th February, 1915.

Censored Letter 13th February: Labeuvriere

Dear Jim,


I received your welcome letter of the 18/1/15 alright. I am still keeping in the best of health and except for the coldness of the place we are sleeping in am enjoying myself as we are back for a rest just now.

I might have a chance of a few days leave before long but don’t know. Only two men have went from our Ambulance as yet but Officers and N.C.O.s have all been home. Some for the second time and as it is Public Money that is taking them home I think we might run a chance soon.

If I don’t manage to get home for a few days, I will be home when it is all over (if I am spared), which I won’t be long, but I think it won’t be before August, but one never knows. It might finish as it started, all of a sudden.

The only thing some of us would like home for being married. When we left home on the 5th August we did not know what we were to go through and as Sam Miller said before we left the yard, we might never hear a shot fired. A fortnight after that we were in the thick of it, so you see very few people had any idea what was really going to happen, and as we have had to go through the worst and may have to go through it harder than ever yet, we could do with a few days at home to see our wives and children, so we will live in hope but don’t build up too much hope of seeing me home just yet.

We are having a rest but don’t know the minute we might have to go back to the Firing Line any day. We might only be here for a day or we might be here for weeks.

One never knows what is going to turn up, we just have to be ready, and do what we are told.

We had a very hot day on the 25th last month as you will see by the papers. They tried to break through and give William something to cheer him up on his birthday, though it did not come off. We tried hard enough and lost plenty of men doing so but the Black Watch gave them all they wanted. I was pleased with my old regiment that day.

We had a hard day’s work and all night too but managed through it alright.

I see by your letter you have got my old job. Well, Jim, I wish you success and hope you come in front of the 1st Team. I am very glad that Jack McDonald and Whyte are still keeping well and in the Land of the Living. I would like to run across them out here but they are not in the same Division as I am, but I might come across them yet and will let you know whenever I do.

So sorry you did not do better in the Xmas competition but you might have better luck next time. Glad to hear W. Kirkwood is getting on so well. Hope to meet some of the boys out here soon.

Tell Joe I am having a game of football out here, training for his team. If I am not home in time, he will have to put me on the Transfer List.

Your old Pal, J.McF


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