Letter; 18th February, 1915.

Censored Letter 18th February: Labeuvriere

Dear Tom,

Received your welcome letter of the 9th alright and hope to hear in your next letter that Jim Pye has won the Campbell Cup and I hope there is only one team in front of yours in the Cowan and other cups and that one Jim Pye’s but Tom I am glad to hear that the class and all the boys are doing so well. I wish both teams every success and hope to hear that one or the other has lifted all the cups before I write you from Berlin.

We have got the first six months passed and hope to back at work before another six months but no one can tell.

Glad to hear that Jack McDonald is still keeping well and has got a job as a cook, though he won’t be much safer at that than in the trenches.

They have started to allow one private home every five days one at a time, three of our men have already been and two are back again. They are putting the names in a hat and whose name comes out is the lucky one. Hope I will be next but don’t know if my luck is still good. I might be down in the Yard seeing you one of these days but will think myself very lucky if I do. I have not much to tell you just now as we are enjoying a quiet rest and but for the cold enjoying ourselves.

I hope to see some of the boys out here so. I am glad William Kirkwood has got on so well, he will be telling me out when he comes out here but I have a fine job on one of the new Motor Ambulances we have attached to us this last two months, so I am quite contented.

I hope to write a longer letter to you soon or perhaps I will be able to tell you instead of writing.

No more at present from your

Old Friend, J.McF


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