Diaries; 20th – 26th February, 1915.

Saturday 20th to Monday 22nd February: Lillers

Just the same round as the 19th

Tuesday 23rd February: Buray

Took the working party to the baths at Buray and brought them back at night.

Wednesday 24th February: Labeuvriere

Nothing doing today. Expected to leave here tomorrow for Bethune.

Thursday 25th February: Essars/ Labeuvriere

After collecting sick from the Brigade took them to Lillers returned to Labeuvriere. Left here at 2 pm for Essars, and arrived at 3 pm.

From here we have an Advanced Dressing Station at Festubert and a car on duty at Richebourg-l’Avoue. We billeted in Essars for the night.

Friday 26th February: Richebourg/ Festubert/Bethune/ Essars/ Boulogne

After collecting sick and wounded from Richebourg and Festubert we took them to our hospital at Bethune. Arrived back at Essars at 12 mid-day. Our car told off to take the G.C. of the 4th Royal Welsh Fusiliers to Boulogne. We left Essars at 6 pm arrived Boulogne at 10 pm.

We stayed in Boulogne all night.


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