Diaries; 27th – 31st March, 1915.

Saturday 27th March: Neuve Chapelle

Things are quiet here today and we are still on duty at the Grand Trunk. I had a walk up through Neuve Chapelle and found it lively there.

We had three runs to Bethune which took us till 1 am in the morning to get finished as it is 10 miles each way. One man was wounded taking rations up by the railway.

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Diaries; 21st – 26th March, 1915.

Sunday 21st March: Hinges

We are having things easy just now, collecting sick from our Brigade who are resting at Hinges and the villages round about. Only one hour work then finished for the day.

A heavy bombardment by our artillery is going on.

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Letter; 20th March, 1915.

Letter 20th March: Bethune

Dear Bob,

I am taking the chance of writing you a few lines as one of my old chums (Bob Farrell) out here is going home to Aldershot; him and I have been chums out here, as we were also chums in the Black Watch before we transferred to the R.A.M.C. He is transferred to the Royal Engineers as a Signaller. They want all the Signallers they can get for the New Army.

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Diary; 20th March, 1915.

Saturday 20th March: Richebourg/ Essars/ Bethune

We were to go to Festubert today but as our Ambulance are getting relieved today our car went to duty at Richebourg instead. We were relieved by No. 2 Field Ambulance at 2pm went back to Essars then to Bethune. Our Ambulance are still keeping on the hospital at Bethune and No. 2 Field Ambulance are bringing the wounded from the division to our hospital.

Diaries; 13th – 19th March, 1915.

Saturday 13th March: Festubert/ Bethune

We relieved the car on duty at Festubert at 9 am and will be on duty for the next 24 hours.

We took a few sick and wounded to our hospital in Bethune having two runs in the middle of the night.

In the afternoon the Germans dropped a few coalboxes in Festubert, very near our billet.

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