Diaries; 13th – 19th March, 1915.

Saturday 13th March: Festubert/ Bethune

We relieved the car on duty at Festubert at 9 am and will be on duty for the next 24 hours.

We took a few sick and wounded to our hospital in Bethune having two runs in the middle of the night.

In the afternoon the Germans dropped a few coalboxes in Festubert, very near our billet.

Sunday 14th March: Festubert/ Essars/ Richebourg/ Bethune

Released by another car at 9 am, then back to Essars, then up to Richebourg, collected sick and wounded from the 1st Brigade, took them to Bethune, finished for the day. Weather here is improving, sun shining and roads drying up.

The 2nd Brigade are relieving the 1st at Richebourg. We went on duty at Richebourg at 9 pm.

On here all night but we only had 3 wounded to take down all night.

Monday 15th March: Richebourg/ Essars

Relieved at 11 am finished for the day, went back to Essars, everything quiet here.

Tuesday 16th March: Richebourg/Bethune

Collected sick and wounded at Richebourg and took them to Bethune. On duty at Richebourg for the remainder of the day.

In the afternoon a shell dropped in the London Scottish head Quarters at Richebourg wounding three, we took them to Bethune. Otherwise things quiet.

Wednesday 17th March: Essars/Richebourg/ Bethune/ Hinges

Left Essars at 10 am and cleared sick and wounded from Richebourg, took them to Bethune, finished by 11 am. Called out in the afternoon to go to Hinges arrived back at Essars at 7 pm.

Thursday 18th March: Essars/ Richebourg

Left Essars at 10 am and collected sick and wounded from Richebourg, finished at 12 am. On duty at Richebourg all night from 9 pm.

Big attack expected at Festubert tonight. 4 cars sent there for duty also expect plenty of work at Richebourg tonight.

Friday 19th March: Richebourg/Bethune

The attack by the Germans did not come off and it was snowing throughout the night. We had only 3 runs from Richebourg to Bethune the whole night and after clearing the dressing stations at 10 am we were finished for the day.


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