Diaries; 21st – 26th March, 1915.

Sunday 21st March: Hinges

We are having things easy just now, collecting sick from our Brigade who are resting at Hinges and the villages round about. Only one hour work then finished for the day.

A heavy bombardment by our artillery is going on.

Monday 22nd March: Bethune

Still in Bethune taking things easy. We are supposed to be resting though we are still keeping on the hospital.

I saw my old chum Bob Farrell off to Aldershot, he having transferred to the Royal Engineers.

Tuesday 23rd March: Bethune

We all had a hot bath and clean change today at no. 6 Field Ambulance then we went out round our Brigade collecting sick. Finished for the day.

Wednesday 24th March: Bethune/ La Coutre

We left Bethune at 12 mid-day for La Coutre after having our photo taken with the cars.

Arrived La Coutre at 1 pm, we are taking up an Advanced Dressing Station here; it is not far from Neuve Chapelle.

Major General Hamilton is buried in the churchyard here; he was killed on the 14/10/14. His grave is next to the church.

We are under shell fire here and our artillery are all round about here and we have to sleep in the cars tonight as we cannot find billets yet.

We had only been here two hours when a shell dropped about 30 yards from us killing a horse.

Thursday 25th March: Neuve Chapelle

It rained all night. Our Officer found a place for a Dressing Station this morning at the other end of the village. In the forenoon, we went out to Windy Corner and Neuve Chapelle and brought in the wounded and sick from our Brigade who are in action at Neuve Chapelle.

We made an Advance Dressing Station on the main Estaires and La Bassée road about half a mile from Neuve Chapelle, our engineers having fixed up a wooden railway which runs through the fields and through Neuve Chapelle to the trenches. The infantry use this railway for taking their rations to the trenches. We use it for bringing the wounded down as we cannot use the road, the Germans having it taped. Our Car is on duty at this Advanced Dressing Station for three days.

Friday 26th March: Neuve Chapelle/ Bethune

We had a run or two into Bethune with wounded, only two serious cases. We also had a few shells over very near our billet.

The wooden railway we call the Grand Trunk and the N.C.O. in charge we call him the Station-Master.


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