Diaries; 10th – 16th April, 1915.

Saturday 10th April: Richebourg

We cleared all the 1st brigade wounded from Richebourg to Bethune, everything quiet.

Sunday 11th April: Richebourg

We are on duty for the day at Richebourg- L’Avoue. Things are very quiet but it is a grand day. The sun is shining just like the middle of summer. At night we had 8 of the Black Watch wounded to take to Bethune. A trench mortar had caught 11 of them, killing three and wounding the rest, one being Lt. Mackenzie whom I took down in our car. He died in hospital in Bethune.

Monday 12th April: Bethune

We were relieved by another two cars of our Ambulance and we went back to Bethune to our hospital for duty.

Tuesday 13th April: Bethune

We are again resting in Bethune though we are still keeping on our Hospital. Everything is quiet.

Wednesday 14th April: Bethune

We are still in Bethune, nothing doing.

Thursday 15th April: Bethune

The 3rd Brigade is to relieve the 1st Brigade tonight and our Ambulance is to relieve No. 1 Ambulance tomorrow.

Friday 16th April: La Coutre

We relieved No. 1 at 2 pm today at La Coutre though the rest of our Ambulance is keeping on the hospital at Bethune. Everything quiet.


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