Diaries; 24th – 30th April, 1915.

Saturday 24th April: La Coutre

Things are still very quiet and we are getting very few wounded.

Sunday 25th April: La Coutre/ Bethune

We were relieved today by No. 2 Field Ambulance as the 2nd Brigade had relieved the 3rd Brigade. By the afternoon we were back in Bethune.

Monday 26th April: Bethune

We are having a rest here in Bethune, though we are still keeping on our hospital, but are getting everything ready as something big is brewing in front of us. I don’t expect to be long here.

Tuesday 27th April: Bethune

We are still in Bethune and our guns have been hard at it all night and today. We have been told to hold ourselves in readiness to move off at a minutes notice. We have also been told what to do if we advance. It looks like a move is being made at last.

Wednesday 28th April: Bethune

We hear the guns very plain here today; they are making a terrible row. We are still standing by and the weather is glorious.

Thursday 29th and Friday 30th April: Bethune

Still, in Bethune standing by, nothing else doing.


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