Diaries; 15th – 21st May, 1915.

Saturday 15th May: Bethune

Things are still quiet except for the guns in the distance and one or two wounded coming in.

This has been a heavy month of casualties for us. The 2nd Division is going to attack tonight.

Sunday 16th May: Bethune

Called out at 4 am to assist the 2nd Division with their wounded. They attacked last night at Richebourg and made some headway but have lost heavily. We are helping to clear their wounded from Windy Corner at Richebourg to our hospital at Bethune. The Germans are shelling the roads; our car having some narrow escapes. Our troops have advanced and a good many German prisoners have been brought in.

We have been kept running all day without a stop and likely to be all night.

Monday 17th May Bethune

Still, at it getting the wounded down to Bethune, we have not stopped all night but about mid- day we had cleared them nearly all away. In the afternoon we went back to Bethune for a rest but had only been there two hours when we were called out again. Our troops again advanced taking some more trenches and more prisoners.

It is raining like hell and the roads are being cut up under the traffic. We have an all-night job in front of us again; the wounded are flowing in.

Tuesday 18th May: Richebourg

Still hard at it and have not stopped all night having a good many of the Irish Guards. They made a good charge over 600 yards of open country last night at 9 pm. The advance has been stopped owing to bad weather, we were working all night up to the knees in mud and it is still raining.

Wednesday 19th May: Richebourg

We were at it all last night again though we were not as busy as the last three nights but we got in some of the Munsters who were wounded on the 9th, they having lay out there all this time. Mid-day we are now resting 1000 yards behind the 1st line of trenches and the Germans are shelling us heavily though none of us has been hit. They are also shelling Bethune but doing little damage.

The Canadians are relieving the 2nd Division and it is still raining as hard as ever, mud everywhere.

Thursday 20th May Richebourg

After standing by all night in case we were needed we were sent back to Bethune at 2 pm.

The weather is clearing and a heavy artillery duel is going on, the Germans sending over a good many heavy shells.

Friday 21st May: Bethune

The Germans shelled Bethune last night again and have done so every night this week past.

A heavy bombardment is going on and the noise is heard here very plain. The weather is splendid today.

Our Bearers were relieved at Beuvry today and came back to Bethune. They had a very quiet time up there.


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