Diaries; 22nd – 28th May, 1915.

Saturday 22nd May: Bethune/ Fouquieres

The Germans shelled here last night again very heavy and we had to shift our hospital outside Bethune. The weather is still splendid and the artillery duel is still going on. We left Bethune in the afternoon and went to a village a mile and a half to the south called Fouquieres. We can still hear the guns hard at it.

Sunday 23rd May: Fouquieres

Had a very quiet day here and the weather is still good. We can still hear the guns hard at it.

Monday 24th May: Fouquieres

Another quiet day for us.

Tuesday 25th May: Fouquieres

The guns a terrible din today we can hear them very plain even though we are over 5 miles behind the line.

Wednesday 26th May: Fouquieres

We were called at 4.30 this morning to assist the London Terrier Division to clear their wounded; they had made an attack at Chivency taking three lines of trenches. They had managed to clear all their wounded away before we got there so we were not needed and went back to Fouquieres.

Thursday 27th May: Fouquieres

Things are very quiet after yesterday though our guns are hard at it.

Friday 28th May: Fouquieres

Things are still quiet except the guns.


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