Diaries; 5th – 11th June, 1915.

Saturday 5th June: Fouquieres/ Beuvry

Leave here today for Beuvry, expect an attack to come off tomorrow Sunday. Left here and arrived at Beuvry at 3 pm. The Germans have been shelling this place very heavy this last week or two, killing a few of the Ambulance we have just relieved. A great difference in the place from the last time we were here in January and February.

Sunday 6th June: Cuinchy/ Chivency

The attack did not come off so expect it won’t come off till next Sunday. We went up and cleared the sick and wounded from Cuinchy & Chivency. Our Advance aide-post is at No.1 Harley Street Chatou

Monday 7th June: Cuinchy

We were up again at Cuinchy & Chivency and cleared away all the sick & wounded. A few shells came over, otherwise all quiet.

Tuesday 8th June: No. 1 Harley Street/ Bethune

The car I am on is on duty for 24 hours at the Advance Aide-post, we have a car there on duty every day. We are on from 10 am today till 10 am tomorrow. We had a fairly busy day with South Wales Borderers wounded. The Germans are dropping a great many bombs into their trenches.

In the afternoon and night, we had it fairly quiet till about 4 am then we had two journeys into our hospital in Bethune.

Wednesday 9th June: Beuvry

After a fairly quiet night, we had a few shells dropping around our billet early this morning and some wounded to take to Bethune. After that, it quietened down a bit. We were relieved by another car at 10 am and went back to Beuvry after clearing all the sick.

Thursday 10th June: Beuvry

Heavy rainfall all last night also today. We went up to Cuinchy & Chivenchy and cleared all the sick and wounded from our Brigade, had a few shells over again today but nothing much, back to Beuvry.

Friday 11th June: Beuvry

After clearing all sick and wounded from our Brigade we were relieved by No. 1 Field Ambulance as the 1st Brigade had relieved our Brigade in the trenches last night. We left Beuvry at 2 pm and went back to our Headquarters at Fouquieres; arrived there alright.


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