Diaries; 26th – 30th June, 1915.

Saturday 26th June: Auchel

Still here at Auchel but don’t think we will be here for long.

Sunday 27th June: Auchel

Still here but expect to leave here tomorrow. Rumour of capture of Germans at Cuinchy.

Monday 28th June: Auchel/Gosnay

We left Auchel today and moved off in the direction we came, arrived and billeted for the night at a village called Gosnay, the next village to Fouquieres where we expect to go tomorrow. There are three Divisions here, the 1st, 2nd and 7th.

Tuesday 29th June: Gosnay/ Fouquieres (-les- Bethune)

We left Gosnay and marched to Fouquieres where we had our old billets in the field and made our bivies again.

Wednesday 30th June: Fouquieres

We are still here at Fouquieres, nothing doing.


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