Letter; 16th July, 1915.

Letter 16th July: Fouquieres (continued from 21st June)

I did not get the first part of this letter home at the time I intended as the driver went on leave while I was away getting in some sick cases, so I have just to wait my next chance as I prefer to send my letters by this method. Passing the through the Censor I would not be allowed to say what I do. Some think the censor cannot be dodged but I have managed to do it.

Well, Bob, it won’t be long before I will be on leave. They have taken the names of all the N.C.O.s and men in the Ambulance who came out here last August and all the names are put into a hat and every week two or three are drawn out. This is the second batch that is going home this Sunday and I will send this letter home with them. 3 went last Sunday, 2 this Sunday and 3 next Sunday. Married men are getting first but there are few married men. We are drawing every week and I might be in the 3rd or 4th lot, so roll on it won’t be too long now before I get it.

We have done nothing from the time I wrote the first part of this letter. We have 4 cars and 2 sections of Bearers at Cambrin, just in front of La Bassee, and the remainder here at Fouquieres. We sleep in a field, just like being on summer holidays only for the noise of the guns in the distance.

I hope to go up beside the Bearers tomorrow as our Brigade are up there in the trenches.

There has been nothing doing in this district for the past two months, but I think there will be a big burst up before long.

One of our men had told me the 5th Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders were out here in Locon but had shifted to some other place. He said they and the 5/6th Seaforth Highlanders were in the same Brigade, but I had a letter from my wife saying Coutts was in the Dardanelles so it must have been a mistake.

I also heard Jack McDonald had been home and I was glad to hear it. I know he deserves a few days at home. I think his Division is about Ypres at present. I hope he had a good time at home. I received the Post Express all right and was sorry to see in it about Peter McArthur.

This is all at present, hoping to see you all in a week or so. I hope you are enjoying married life. It is the finest life of all in the long run. Wait till you hear them shout “Daddy”. I hope Bob you will manage to read all this letter but will try to make myself plainer when I get home for a few days.

Two of our drivers were mentioned in dispatches. They forgot about the orderlies but better luck next time.

Your old friend and Holeborer



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