Diaries; 17th – 23rd July, 1915.

Saturday 17th July: Fouquieres

The German aeroplane was over this morning again. A few of our airmen went up after him but he got away.

Sunday 18th July: Fouquieres

The German aeroplane was over this morning again. I went up to the next village to see if any of the Kingston Boys were in the ambulance there which has just come out. I found Sgt Kirkwood and a few more of the boys. They are in the 45th Field Ambulance, 15th Division.

We had a chat about old times.

Monday 19th July: Fouquieres

We the orderlies on the car are all returned to duty with the Bearers as they are going to try and do without orderlies on the cars.

Tuesday 20th July: Fouquieres

German aeroplane over this morning again but driven off by our airmen. I was up seeing Kirkwood again. They are in the next village Hesdigneul (-les Bethune).

No. 2 Field Ambulance has been shelled out of Bethune again so we are taking in the wounded.

Wednesday 21st July: Fouquieres

Nothing doing.

Thursday 22nd July: Fouquieres

Three Officers of the 15th Division “just-out” were wounded by a shell at our Advanced Dressing Station at Vermelles. Two died one in our hospital and one has gone down to the Base. Sgt. Kirkwood and a section of Bearers of his Ambulance have gone up to our Advance Dressing Station for instructions. We buried Major Gordon Forbis of the King’s Own Scottish Borderers who died in our hospital.

Friday 23rd July: Fouquieres

We were digging graves all day and had to bury one officer and two privates at night. The officer being Lt. Mitchell of the Black Watch. Our Bearers were relieved by No. 1 Field Ambulance and are now back at Fouquieres.


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