Diaries; 27th – 30th November, 1915.

Saturday 27th November: Lagorgue

Everything quiet though guns on our right lively.

Sunday 28th November: Lagorgue

We had a few of the Guards down wounded today, one dying in our hospital.

Monday 29th November: Lagorgue

Weather changed from frost to rain, nothing doing.

Tuesday 30th November: Lagorgue

Weather mild, sun shining, nothing doing.


Diaries; 20th – 26th November, 1915.

Saturday 20th November: Lagorgue

I had a walk up to near Laventie to the 62nd Field Ambulance and seen a few of the Kinston Ambulance Boys, Mooney etc.

Sunday 21st to Tuesday 23rd November: Lagorgue

Everything still quiet here at Lagorgue.

Wednesday 24th November: Lagorgue

Have not been feeling well all day, excused duty for the night. Mooney and a Pal paid me a visit at night.

Thursday 25th November: Lagorgue

I am alright again and am now on day convoy, very few wounded coming in.

Friday 26th November: Lagorgue

Still here at Lagorgue, nothing doing.

Diaries; 13th – 19th November, 1915.

Saturday 13th November: Lagorgue

Still here and the weather is still stormy with plenty of rain.

Sunday 14th November: Lagorgue

The 3 rd Guards Brigade has gone into action today and a party of our Bearers went up to Epinette near Laventie and formed an Advance Dressing Station there. The weather has improved, hard frost setting in but the sun is shining; a splendid change from yesterday.

Monday 15th November: Lagorgue

The remainder of us are still keeping on this Hospital at Lagorgue. Our Advance Dressing Station is just on the right of the village of Laventie.

Tuesday 16th November: Lagorgue

Some more of our Bearers went up the Advance Dressing Station today.

Wednesday 17th November: Lagorgue

Everything is very quiet here, very few wounded coming in. This is a very quiet position. I am on night duty at our Hospital here.

Thursday 18th and Friday 19th November: Lagorgue

Still the same everything quiet.

Diaries; 1st – 12th November, 1915.

Monday 1st to Monday 8th November: Allouagne

Still here resting, nothing doing.

Tuesday 9th November: Allouagne/ Merville

We left here at 9am and marched on north till we came to the town of Merville at 3pm. We billeted in a farm on the outside of the town.

Wednesday 10th November: Merville

We are still staying at this farm outside Merville

Thursday 11th November: Merville/Lagorgue

We left here at 9am and marched to village called Lagorgue about a mile from the town of Estaires. We billeted in a school here making it into a Hospital. The weather is cold and stormy.

Friday 12th November: Lagorgue

We are still here in Lagorgue and the weather is terrible: stormy with plenty of rain.