Diaries; 29th – 31st January, 1916.

Saturday 29th January: Lagorgue

The Artillery were very lively all night and today otherwise things are the same as usual.

Sunday 30th January: Lagorgue

I expect there will be a big move before long as all extra blankets etc. have been called in. There is also a new Division here in place of the Welsh Division gone back. It is a Tyneside Division. Everything is quiet here today. General Hayworth is now in command of the Guards Division.

Monday 31st January: Lagorgue

We are still here in Lagorgue but everything seems to be waking up as everything is getting busy just as we were last April. The weather has improved and though the roads are still bad the weather is dry.


Diaries; 22nd – 28th January, 1916.

Saturday 22nd January: Lagorgue

The Guards Division is staying on here in this position and we are still keeping on our Hospital here and our Advance Dressing Station at Epinette. There have been some changes and honours in our Ambulance since I went on leave. Our Commanding Officer has received the C.M.G, one of our Captains the D.S.O., our Sergeant Major the Military Cross and a Sergeant the D.C.M. All for the good work the Ambulance has done.

Sunday 23rd January: Lagorgue

We are still here and as far as we know will be here for some time yet and expect to see a big attack take place before many weeks are past. Everything is fairly quiet at present.

Monday 24th January: Lagorgue

Another quiet day with the usual rain but the guns on our right seem to be doing some work.

Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th January: Lagorgue

Still here in Lagorgue, nothing much doing.

Thursday 27th January: Lagorgue

Still here in Lagorgue, the Germans did not attempt an attack this year for the Kaiser’s birthday. Everything is fairly quiet.

Friday 28th January: Lagorgue

Nothing doing.

Diaries; 18th – 21st January, 1916.

Tuesday 18th January: Greenock/ Glasgow

Left home about 8pm and caught a train at Glasgow for London at 10.15pm

Wednesday 19th January: London/ Shorncliff/ Folkestone

Arrived London 9.15am caught the boat train at Victoria at 9.45am. Halted at Shorncliff and marched to Canadian camp. Stopped there for 6 hours then marched to Folkestone but did not sail, billeted there for the night.

Thursday 20th January: Folkestone/ Boulogne

We did not get a boat till 1.20pm and after arriving at Boulogne we marched to the rest camp there and billeted for the night.

Friday 21st January: Boulogne/ Lagorgue

We got a train at 1.20pm arriving back at Lagorgue at 4.30pm, billeted there for the night.

Diaries; 8th – 11th January, 1916.

Saturday 8th January: Epinette

Our Artillery were standing by all night expecting a German attack but it did not come off. Our Artillery were very quiet all day but not so the Germans for they sent over, in and around the village of Epinette, more shells than they had this last fortnight. They were nearly all coal boxes too but did little damage. We were building more sandbags around our Hospital and I think we will need them too.

Sunday 9th January: Lagorgue

Everything quiet this morning, about dinner time I was told to go back to Lagorgue to go on leave. I arrived in Lagorgue and after getting my pass I went to the railway station and slept in the train till it started.

Monday 10th January: Lagorgue/Boulogne/ London

The train left Lagorgue at 2am arriving in Boulogne about 9am and the boat left there at 12.15 arriving us in London about 4pm. We got a train to Glasgow at 8.50pm.

Tuesday 11th January: Greenock

I arrived home at 9am.

Diaries; 1st – 7th January, 1916.

Saturday 1st January: Epinette

Another Year has started and we don’t seem to be any nearer finishing than we were at the beginning of 1915; but though we have not made much headway, we have improved in everything and hope to see the finish this Year.

We are still at the Advance Dressing Station at Epinette and a few shells are dropping around as usual, but our artillery are working very hard keeping down the German artillery fire. The weather is still mild but wet and miserable. We are still getting in one or two wounded and when we have time doing some sandbagging.

Sunday 2nd January: Epinette

Still another day of the same wet and miserable weather, the Germans sending over a few more souvenirs, some dropping very close to us. We seem to be getting busier every day with wounded and at times the shelling is very lively, something will be coming off here shortly.

Monday 3rd January: Epinette

Another day of the same only the German shelling being livelier than ever.

Tuesday 4th January: Epinette Farm

I went up to the Advance Aide Post at Epinette Farm last night and I am on duty there today with two other Bearers. We had a few wounded to take down through the night and the Germans are very lively with their shelling today. They are shelling Laventie very heavily.

Wednesday 5th January: Epinette Farm

We have had it fairly quiet today only two wounded to take down though the Germans sent a few more shell over. The weather is clearer and a few aeroplanes are overhead.

Thursday 6th January: Epinette

The Germans shelled around here very heavily today smashing up two farms but luckily ours was not hit and nobody wounded. We were relieved at night by other men of our Ambulance so went back to our Advance Dressing Station at Epinette. The Guards Division are being relieved by the Welsh Division so we expect to be relieved soon.

Friday 7th January: Epinette

A fairly quiet day, in the morning we went up to one of our Advance Aide Posts “Bedford Post” and built up sandbags around it. We then came back to Epinette and did some more sandbagging there.