Diaries; 25th – 30th June 1916.

Sunday 25th June: Poperinghe

Our guns are bombarding every night now and the infantry are making raids but we are getting very little wounded. Weather still rainy.

Monday 26th June: Poperinghe

The Canadians had another bit of a scrap up Ypres way again. Otherwise, nothing doing.

Tuesday 27th June: Poperinghe

Everything fairly quiet except for the bombardment at night time. We are only getting about four wounded in each night.

Wednesday 28th June: Poperinghe

Very wet weather. Nothing doing here.

Thursday 29th June: Poperinghe

Great preparations being made for a big attack and our guns are growing livelier every day.

Friday 30th June: Poperinghe

We have drawn six days of rations so we expect something big soon.


Diaries; 18th – 24th June 1916.

Sunday 18th June: Proven/ Poperinghe

We left Proven at 9.15am and marched to Poperinghe where we took over a Hospital from No. 16 Field Ambulance.

Monday 19th June: Poperinghe

Two Privates and a Sergeant of our Ambulance went up to take over an Aide Post on the left of Ypres. This place, here in Poperinghe that we have as a hospital was a college in peacetime and can hold a great amount of wounded. We, the Bearers are sleeping upstairs in cubicles with beds in them. The finest billet we have
had all through the campaign.

Tuesday 20th June: Poperinghe

The Germans shell Poperinghe with long-range guns now and then but they have not sent any over since we came here though their aeroplanes have been dropping a few bombs.

Wednesday 21st June: Poperinghe

We are not getting in many wounded yet, things are fairly quiet. Weather better.

Thursday 22nd June: Poperinghe

The whole of “B” section of the Ambulance went further up the line and formed an Advanced Dressing Station at a place called Red Farm also forming two Aide Posts near St Julian.

Friday 23rd June: Poperinghe

The Germans dropped a few shells near the station today but our guns were doing nearly all the firing in the afternoon. The weather has broken down again and the rain is coming down in torrents.

Saturday 24th June: Poperinghe

After a night of heavy rain and shell fire, it has quietened down and brightened up a good bit.

Diaries; 4th – 12th June 1916.

Sunday 4th June: Proven

Have just heard the Canadians have regained the trenches they lost and have taken some prisoners.

Monday 5th June: Proven

Have just read about the great sea battle. 

Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th June: Proven

Nothing doing.

Thursday 8th June: Proven

Have just heard of the tragic death of Lord Kitchener. We all wish he had lived to see the finish of his great work.

Friday 9th to Monday 12th June: Proven

Nothing doing. Weather again breaks down.